All Saint's Church Warlingham Surrey
An ancient building; A thriving community

All Saints' Church Warlingham

CONCERT September 18th 6pm
Mitchell’s Musical Menagerie

The Cuckoo and the Nightingale had quite a nasty spat,
For the Hen had claimed Scarlatti’s Fugue was written by his Cat !
The babbling Brook believed - at length - that Sheep may Safely Graze
So Couperin erected some Mysterious Barricades.
A Swan went gliding gently by, serene as was her habit,
The Butterflies that fluttered by a panicky White Rabbit
Meanwhile a Tame young Bear called Ed was bitten by a Gnat,
But a Gathering of Birds soon put an end to that.
And in the woods the Elephants danced a Tango, quite absurd,
While in the pool the Penguins Played (a Fancy sort of Byrd).
So come for Words and Music, and my riddle to unlock:

(Entrance Free, Refreshments, Collection for Christian Aid)

Regular Church Services

9:30am  Parish Communion & children's
Sunday Club
9:30am  All Age Communion (2nd Sunday)
6:00pm  Choral Evensong (1st Sunday)

10:00am  Holy Communion

Church Warlingham

Team Rector Designate: Reverend Michelle Edmonds
01883 623011
Team Vicar: Vacant
01883 623011

Our Churchyard
A place of peace and tranquility - wild plants, trees, birds, deer and other wildlife.
A beautiful setting for weddings and a place of stillness and quiet to remember loved ones


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